Mission & Statement


Jazz Vocal Alliance Japan is run on the following principles.

Mission & Statement


1. To facilitate connections between jazz vocalists.

By creating a space where jazz vocalists can interact, Jazz Vocal Alliance Japan aims to serve as the base of a community where vocalists can share their love for jazz and Japanese culture while supporting each other in a spirit of good musicianship and mutual respect.

2. To coordinate educational opportunities.

By initiating workshops, conferences, and other educational events, Jazz Vocal Alliance Japan promotes the cultural and historical significance of jazz music by reaching out to potential audiences and assisting the efforts of jazz vocalists in Japan and abroad.

3. To be a source of information and information exchange.

Jazz Vocal Alliance Japan provides relevant information pertaining to jazz vocalists and also serves as a place to exchange information about mentors, role models, and types of performance venues.

Qualifications for entry

  •  Someone who aims to be a jazz vocalist (at the amateur or professional level) who has some connection to Japan.
  • people who resonates the “purpose” above all.

How to join

Please fill out and submit the required information in the form bellow. Jazz Vocal Alliance Japan will respond to your request and provide details about how to join via email.

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